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1 Kings 17 is one of my favorite passages in the bible and it means more to me each time I read it. It’s the story of the prophet Elijah and the Widow of Zarepheth. You can read the full story here at

Elijah has prophesied a drought and he is caught in the middle of it. After the river by which he was fed daily by the ravens dried up, he was instructed to go to the town of Zarepheth. The bible says “I have directed a widow there to supply you with food.”

When he gets to the town he meets a woman gathering sticks and he asks her for some water. She is on the way to get the water and he calls out to her to bring him a cake as well. She turns to him and says I can’t do that. What I have is enough to get my son and I our last meal before we die. He tells her, go make the cake and I promise you it will be enough. In fact, you won’t run out as long as this drought lasts.

The bible goes on to say that she makes the meal for him and her little bit of flour and oil never rand out and provided for them throughout the drought.

What I’m about to say may seem counter to things I have written in the past but I want you to stay put. This isn’t the time to start something new. I want you to work what you have been doing. If your little business has been doing $500, $5000 or $50000 a month then dig in a bit further and do more of the things which brought you that initial revenue.

If you are seeing little to no success with a new project and you are wondering should I quit, don’t. Review your systems. How much time and money are you investing in money? How much time do you take to deliver the service or product? Improve your delivery time. Are you wavering in your mind about should I or should I not? Make a decision and stick to it. The bible says a double-minded man is unstable in ALL his ways. You won’t see success if you are of two minds.

The widow probably got sick of making and eating those little cakes but do what you have to do with what you have until the time changes. It will change, believe that. There have been times when all I had was enough flour and baking powder to fry some johnny cakes. There may or may not have been something to put inside of them. But my children and I ate them until the time when the cash came to get something different. We have eaten enough of them and I can’t remember the last time someone said ‘Mom make some johnny cakes please.” Do not despise your small beginnings. Honor them and Work them. Your time is coming for expansion and doing new things but you need to stay put and work that thing.

How am I practicing this now? I have pockets of little projects and a few big ones that consume my day. I had to evaluate which ones were connected, which were time sucks and were unprofitable and which ones needed more attention so they could bloom. It has meant letting go of a few things and passing them to other people, consolidating some projects and connecting the dots of how they will fit together over time. I have also scheduled in time to work on the projects which are important to me and which need more of my attention to flourish.

One of the products I created this year, the Flourish 2019 Planner is a big help to me. You can still download it for free when you sign up to the newsletter. I don’t overburden your inbox but every now and again you get a note of inspiration with additional resources you can access. Click here to get it.

You deserve to win. But winning comes to those who put in the hours and the time consistently on their business. As much as possible, limit your projects to one so you can really give it your all. How can I support you winning? Let me know in the comments or send me an email.

Stay Blessed.

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