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Why Your Communication Strategy Failed

Write two press releases and call me in the morning.

That seems to be the prescription with which many public relations and media professionals handle communication campaigns and it is so far from what is necessary to garner attention in today’s very noisy marketplace.

Here are a few reasons your communication strategy failed.

Your end goal was not clear.

Did you want more people to give feedback on your company or service? Were you aiming to improve your company’s visibility or launch a product?

Your target audience was not defined.

This is not a one size fits all approach. Consumers have their own needs and interests. Your strategy needs to match the audience that wants what you are offering.

Your messaging was confusing.

If your audience is not defined then it will be a challenge to craft messages to reach them.

You don’t know where your audience is.

You may love radio but are young adults listening to it? What social platform is popular with female golfers over 45? Know where your audience consumes information and plan to be there.

Inadequate investment to deploy the strategy.

Facebook may be free to set up but to reap the best of it takes time and money. Are you able to invest the resources to execute the strategy on the targeted platforms effectively?

No defined time limit.

Your strategy will not be effectively indefinitely. Plan for an end day so you can achieve the best outcome.

No reporting and evaluation plan.

How will you know if the goals defined have been attained? There a myriad of ways to test engagement as you go. This allows you to make adjustments along the way. For this to be effective, there needs to be a plan for collecting data and assessing if the strategy as executed is working.

Nerissa Golden writes on entrepreneurship, leveraging technology and media to change lives and communities. She is an author and a certified business continuity manager. Follow her on FacebookInstagram and LinkedIn

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