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Where Do I Post My Content?

The first thing I want to remind you is that social media must serve you as well as your customers. The intention should be to use it as you would a microphone to amplify your voice, introduce your ideas and get people to come to your virtual or physical space to execute a transaction with you.

There are two schools of thought on how to gain visibility and traction for your work.

One says focus on the platform you prefer and the message and serve it up wholeheartedly. I will call that the Seth Godin model. The other, which I will call the Gary Vaynerchuk model, is be everywhere and do everything to reach people. In other words, create as much noise as possible. This is a really crude version of the message each shares but I wanted you to see the difference clearly.

If you came to social media initially via Facebook then it is most probably the place you feel most comfortable and where you spend the time sharing your blog posts and other content. Facebook continues to add new products and ways to engage with your audience and who doesn’t want to be where the action is?

But the truth of it is, the people who need your message may not be on Facebook.

The other extreme is to be on every platform possible. And in Gary Vee’s mind among other things, that includes pushing content ten or more times a day on YouTube, blogging and commenting on LinkedIn and simultaneously posting TikToks. TikTok is the hot new app preferred by millennials and GenZs. It is a wide open space for more established brands and people wanting to reach an audience who like to be first and where things are trending.

I believe the answer, or the method I prefer is somewhere in the middle.

With Seth’s theory, the focus is on building a loyal group of fans or tribe as he prefers to call them. This tribe will champion your work and spread the message. For this to work, you must serve this tribe relentlessly. Consistently adding value and solving the problems that affect them. You must become the solution, the answer to what ails them or be the one they turn to for direction to who can.

This tribe most likely won’t be on every platform. They may love reading like I do and so prefer to go to or read other long-form content in spaces designed for that, or right where you are on this blog. But how do you find them?

Gary Vee would then say take this one piece of content and plaster it everywhere. Use graphics, cartoons, videos, Q&As, live sessions, and text messaging. Any and everything you can get access to and go where people are.

He is not completely wrong but our time isn’t infinite.

Using his methodolgy, we must surely all be 20-year-olds still living in our parent’s home with no concern for having to contribute to the rent or food. We have nothing else to do but create videos and live stream all day, comment and share and comment and share.

For those who have full lives, maybe a full-time job beside the blogging gig, it can feel like a major task to be effective at it. After all you don’t have a large marketing team to help you do the work. You are most likely a business of one.

Whether you are working solo, or have help, a plan is key.

Yes, there are apps such as HootSuite and Buffer to help you post on multiple platforms at the same time, and other APIs you can embed to share content. Some experts say that you should serve the client on the platform they are on as they don’t want to click a link to go to your website or another social account. There is some truth to that. Avid Twitter users love Twitter and don’t necessarily hang out and comment with the same enthusiasm on Instagram or Facebook and they don’t want to leave Twitter to go to another platform to see what you put there. You also can’t post but not engage. You have to speak back to the people who take the time to comment on your work or engage with other experts in your field.

So where does that leave you and your content distribution?

Social media is a beast all on its own and it takes hard work and time to master it. I am not trying to discourage you from wading in. You most absolutely need to do it but spend time on formulating a strategy for how to master it in a way that doesn’t wear you out and you can analyze the impact you are having.

  1. Identify the two main social media platforms which serve you and your audience best.
  2. Set aside a day and allocate hours for creating the content.
  3. Where possible, schedule the posts and for applications such as Instagram identify the time of day you will post from the app or use Facebook Creator Studio integration, which allows you post to one or both platforms at once.
  4. At scheduled intervals, check on your posts and respond to the people who comment on your posts.
  5. Share and support content from other people you admire or who are making contributions that those in your network can also learn from.

With so many visual mediums today, you are not limited to one form of expression for your work. You can successfully build your tribe on any social platform you choose. To do that in any meaningful way, and to grab attention with so many others in the same space you have to put out exceptional and consistent content that resonates.

The question I have for you then is are your finding an audience for your content or creating content for your audience? We will discuss this in a future post.

I believe it is time to #tellyourstory. I help my clients from the private and public sector to leverage traditional and digital media to increase their visibility and make more money. I am a mentor, business strategist, a certified Business Continuity Specialist and the author of seven books, including In Plain Sight and the Making of a Caribbeanpreneur: Strategies for Overcoming Fear and Building Wealth. Follow me on Instagram or LinkedIn for more great tips and ideas to help you grow.

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