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What it Takes to Win at Anything

I got up this morning thinking about today’s mini book and what it takes to win.
The answer, as usual, came into my spirit swiftly. What ever you are thinking, do ten times more of it. Immediately Grant Cardone’s 10X Rule came to mind. It is worth a read a time or two to help you make the shift to understand you won’t win by being average. You won’t even get good at blogging or the job you have now without going over and above what you are currently doing. You have got to be persistent in your efforts if your goal is to be exceptional.

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks, receives; and the one who seeks, finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened (Matt 7:7-8).

In this passage, Jesus was talking about the need to be persistent. If you came to my house, saw my car in the driveway and gave a quiet knock I may not hear you. But if you repeated the action several times and more loudly, I am sure to do so if I am inside. It would also make it difficult for me to ignore you and just wish you away because you kept knocking.

There is another passage in Luke 18:1-8 where Jesus tells the parable of the widow who goes to the judge to ask him to help her with a case as someone had done her wrong. The judge attempted to ignore her but eventually he couldn’t. He said I need to handle her case because she has not stopped pestering me. So that he could get some relief, he turned his attention to the widow’s case until she got the outcome she wanted.

We want wins without effort. Social media has fooled many into believing because it is free then it is easy. Microwaves are great for heating food quickly or making a fast meal but if you want the joy and flavors that come with a delectable and healthy meal at home, then you have got to turn on the stove and prepare it. This takes much more than 60 seconds.

Exceptional people doing exceptional work are hard to ignore.

Pondering on this idea of being exceptional and what it takes to win also brings up negative self-talk.

“Well rich people have an edge. You can buy a win.”

“Knowing the right people or as we say “is who know you” can help you to win without effort.”

“Is winning the most important thing?”

When the negative self-talk begins remind yourself you are capable of being more and doing more. It isn’t a hairy fairy idea and it does not require a hero to come and save you. It is time to be your own hero.

Exceptional peopleWhile you can make the decision in a moment to be more and do more, it is repeated action that will bring about results.
I am still surprised at times what comes out of me when I dial in to my desire to write more. This joy doesn’t come from random writing moments but when I tune in to my spirit and allow the pen and paper or keyboard to release what is in me.
There is a reader waiting to hear from you. Someone needs that song you have not recorded or that joke you needed to perform. Even if no one wanted to read it right now I want you to make the commitment to blog. The gift of sharing your work is that it transcends time and location. It may be you are writing something that won’t see impact for a few weeks, months, years but it must be put on record now.

Commit to doing more than you have been doing to improve on the results you are having. If you are at peak and can’t squeeze in another thing, then it is time to audit your processes and look at what may need to be delegated to someone else or omitted.

But yes, it does take all that!



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