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Up Your Social Media Game for the Rest of 2021

If you were to assess your social media strategy for the first part of 2021, how did you do?

Whether you would give yourself a failing grade or an A+ we want to help you do even better for this second half of the year. Keep reading for recommendations from three social media and marketing experts on how to handle social media for the remainder of 2021.

Keep it Manageable

Social Media Expert, Ursula Barzey of the award-winning travel blog Caribbean & Co and Moxee Marketing UK says to keep it “manageable.

“Start by selecting one or two social media platforms for the majority of the activity. Create content that is specific for each channel. So for Facebook, it could be a mix of blog posts, photographs, and videos. For Instagram, photos and video reels. The content shared should showcase the organization or business, but it shouldn’t just all be a sales pitch. Provide helpful information and incorporate some of the backstory for your brand as people connect with people. Finally, post consistently and have fun!”

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Keep Your Branding Promise

Kenty Lichtenberg of Be Your Own Brand and Kerai Creative in St. Maarten said to increase your success this year, you must keep your branding promise.

“Your brand is the set of emotions and perceptions that you intentionally cultivate around your business, which you constantly communicate to your customers through a series of visual and verbal cues on your social media platforms. This helps to create a loyalty pattern, where your audience will continue to engage with you.
“Ask yourself: What do I want people to say, think, and feel about my business? That is your brand, and you have the ability to form that impression by choosing how you present yourself, your service, and/or your product digitally. Have you ever looked at an Instagram page and been like: ‘WOW, they have a strong presence, they are on my feed every day!’ That’s what you want to create for your brand!”

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Build Community

Kimalene Regis – Grenada – Marketing Expert

Kimalene Regis, of Kimalene Regis Consulting in Grenada says this is the time to focus on deepening relationships with clients and customers more than prospecting for new ones.

“Use social media to build loyalty by creating a community that follows your business and is impassioned by your journey. An African proverb says it takes a village to raise a child, even more so for a business. Creating communities like a Facebook group where you can share information and special offers can lead to deepened relationships for the customer and upselling or cross-selling opportunities for your business,” says Regis.

She also encourages building social capital by sharing freely of your expertise, time and resources. This increases the likelihood of being mentioned and also raises the perception of your value to the community.

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  1. Keep it Manageable
  2. Keep Your Brand Promise
  3. Build Community

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