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TikTok, Zoom and Staying On Top – #ShowUpShowOff

“Ok Boomer!”

That’s how my GenZ daughter refers to me when I say something that highlights my cluelessness about some phrase, song or trend that I have never heard about. The child was raised in my house with her three siblings and I swear at times she speaks a totally different language than the rest of us.

There is a five year gap between my youngest and my eldest, but she is now teaching her oldest sibling the latest TikTok dances and telling her who she should be following on the social media platform, which is all the rage. The world is changing rapidly and there are days I have earned that Boomer label and the card to go with it.

Those moments have little to do with not being up on the latest TikTok dance but recognizing that I have become stuck in my old ways. The other day I walked in on her editing videos on my phone. Yes I knew you could do that but I didn’t realize they had upgraded the photo gallery so you it actually served as a full editing suite and she was smashing various videos together to, of course, make a TikTok compilation for her friends.

Yes, I let the phone do what it does when it needs an update but rarely do I go searching to see what changes came with it. I loved the improved quality of the camera and being able to do some basic edits to a photo like cropping and playing with filters, but adding sound et al. I wasn’t having it. I was still more likely to download it to my laptop and fiddle with it there.

If it were not for these four children in my house I would probably be stuck in 2011. I say that honestly knowing I am in the media business and my work revolves around helping companies use media better. However, I recognize that with the swiftness with which technology has evolved, none of us can stay on top of it on our own. So I tap into their knowledge and the differences in how they see and approach the world to understand how to communicate with their generations more effectively.

This need to stay connected to changes is why I love social media and why building a strong and diverse network is very important to me. I am constantly learning about new applications which help me to work better, testing new strategies to communicate effectively and moving into spaces to understand how to connect with new audiences.If you’re on social media, you know that the ZOOM web conferencing platform has now become the hottest application available. Entrepreneurs, especially coaches and consultants have long used this platform to make presentations and host small meetings. Now, you can jazz up the background to make your live events more attractive.

The revelation that I was out of touch with the phone in my hand, triggered a deeper analysis of where else I was stuck. How have I changed my business practices to better serve my clients? What would happen if something outside of my control was no longer available? How would I reach them? How would I promote my business? How could I keep adding value if I was no longer growing myself?

Doing what you have always done will get you exactly what you have always got.

There are moments when my daughter takes back my boomer card because I show some indication that I get it (whatever it is at the moment. Which is often something snarky). But the times demand we have more than a clue about what is happening and how we need to be and function to make the most of the opportunities around us.

Even if it means they give you an eye, ask your child, a friend, Google, a consultant how do I, where can I find, what does that mean. Come into the light. Surrender to learning each day you live so that you can grow.

I believe it is time to #tellyourstory. I help my clients from the private and public sector to leverage traditional and digital media to increase their visibility and make more money. I am a mentor, business strategist, a certified Business Continuity Specialist and the author of seven books, including In Plain Sight and the Making of a Caribbeanpreneur: Strategies for Overcoming Fear and Building Wealth. Follow me on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more great tips and ideas to help you grow.

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