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The Book I Wish I’d Written

What Do You Have in Your House? by my colleague and fellow author Donna Every is the book I wish I had written. It is 84 pages of pure wisdom that we need right now.

Donna combines her experience as business coach and a certified accountant with practical tips from the biblical story of the widow woman who was in major debt, to show you how to find a way through any financial crisis.

I know this is a time when many feel overwhelmed and have seen their regular income disappear. I want to encourage you not to lose heart but to trust that there is some skill or resource in you or around you that you can use now to take care of yourself and those you love.

Since I did not get to write this amazing little book, I want to encourage you to read it and you can collect a digital copy here…

For those who prefer video, Donna has created a short series which gives you step by step activities to manifest the skills in the book and you can watch them now at

Here are links to two older posts about a time when I had to use what was in my house to get through a tough season. Ironically, they reference each other and one references the book above. This is how much I believe in the power of this little book and what it can do for your life. Be blessed. Take action!

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