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Seven Ways Your Smartphone Can Help You Be a Better Farmer

Whether you are a backyard farmer or you manage acres of land, your smartphone is a powerful tool that can help you improve not only sales but the quality of the product you take to market. Here are seven ways that your smartphone can make you a better farmer.


Being able to understand what is happening in the soil and in the atmosphere can help you to make adjustments as needed. As more attention is given to climate change, there are applications for your phone which can help you track weather patterns, knowing when it will rain or impending dry spells provide information to plan how you will care for your crops.

Soil apps

There are apps which help you to understand what is happening in the soil and connect you with experts to assess the best approach to mitigate a concern you may have.


We eat with our eyes first, then our nose and then our taste buds. Before we even make a purchase you can have us salivating at the mouth with photos of your fresh produce and our imaginations will do the rest. Use your phone to design flyers and other promotional material which can be shared directly to your audience on social media.


As long as you have an internet connection or enough storage, your phone can be your classroom. Out in the field, planting seedlings or pulling weeds, turn on a podcast or listen to an audio book on how to improve your business or about new advances in farming.

Process orders

Use your smartphone to set up order forms which people can complete. You can use Google sheets to design an invoice which can automatically calculate what the customer has to pay.

Mobile payments

No need to wait for someone to pay you in cash. Find out what payment solutions are available in your island and make use of them to collect payment from customers. It may be as simple as swiping or tapping once the app is installed. Check out our list of mobile payment apps across the region, here.

Mobile banking

Stopping work to stand in line at the bank is a definite time suck. Find out if your bank offers mobile banking and download their application to your phone. From there, you can pay your suppliers, pay your employees and keep track of your cash flow.

See your smartphone as an investment in your business. Consistently utilizing the power available in these devices will help you improve your business.Every business is a digital business - Truly Caribbean Academy

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