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Remote Working for Caribbean Entrepreneurs

Caribbean nationals living in the region can turn the current push for remote workers to move to our islands on its head and become remote workers themselves without leaving home.
A global pandemic decimated economies and shifted just about everything imaginable online. It also created a tremendous amount of opportunity for the tech savvy or those willing to learn quickly, to generate money and reach markets which otherwise would have appeared unattainable. This means that no longer do we have to suffer the loss of our brightest minds to larger countries. Caribbean people can stay at home and work for a corporation, volunteer with international charities or build their own business online. In essence, we can outsource our skills without having to get on a plane, apply for a remote worker stamp or even change our clothes, if we don’t feel like it.
Daniel DeSouza, a Barbadian a graphic artist and developer found himself without employment a year ago. Rather than mope about the loss, he got to work building several online communities.
1) Cariblime The Caribbean Social Network
2) Caribmedia The Caribbean’s YouTube
3) Caribphoto, A Stock Photo Platform for beautiful Caribbean photos
4) FreelanceForAll, The Caribbean’s Freelance Marketplace Platform
DeSouza launched FreelanceForAll on Valentine’s Day 2021 to provide a way for more people in the region, especially those who have been unemployed for more than year to find work without the need to relocate. His vision is that Caribbean people with digital skills or other qualifications can find work online as a freelancer.
The platform is similar to other freelance marketplaces such as Fiverr and Guru. The focus on the region will allow companies or individuals that specifically want to work with Caribbean people with particular skillsets to find them easily.
“Every year the Caribbean faces natural challenges like volcano threats, Sahara dust, storms, flooding, and hurricanes, any of these natural events can stop us from working, negatively affect income, and slow down the economy, now with a COVID, people’s lives are in danger and we don’t know when it will end,” shared DeSouza.
“The FreelanceForAll Marketplace Platform is about putting Caribbean people back to work, and at the same time helping businesses  get work done by professionals in their field,” said the entrepreneur. “We hope to attract local, regional and international businesses to outsource work to our freelancers. This influx of work will create opportunity, bring in foreign exchange and jumpstart economies.”

How it Works

It is absolutely free to join FreelanceForAll to become a freelancer or a buyer. Users must set up a profile and select the services they offer. The platform makes a commission on transactions, with the percentage reduced as the freelancer improves their performance. Buyers can search for a freelancer and pay via the website. They can also leave a review for the service provided. Positive rankings benefit the freelancer with more visibility and reduced commission fees.
Entrepreneurs currently need to have a PayPal account to be able to receive payouts. DeSouza said they are working on forming partnerships with other regional payment providers to increase the options available to their customers.
“Eventually, we plan to launch a sister platform to cater to physical services. The solution to our unemployment problems is through technology and innovation. The future is now and we need to welcome it and embrace it, with the right backing and support from governments and the corporate world. We believe that FreelanceForAll can be a long-lasting solution to the unemployment issue for Caribbean people.”
Learn more about FreelanceForAll.

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