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Recap – Trusting in Your Gifts and Telling Stories with Public Service Announcements

Hello Fam!

Thank you for the great feedback on the #minibooks. I won’t be releasing any for the next couple of months as I double down on working on Bella’s story. I have to do a rewrite and so I need to focus on it. I know you are waiting on the book and more than exercising the discipline to write, it is finding the courage to check myself and my own issues as I learn about these women in the Return to Love Series.

This week, I bit the bullet and shared a short video called Trust in Your Gifts. I promise to do a separate post to dive into it a bit more. I have not shared video of me speaking in ages and it was a bit daunting. But I did not want to miss the opportunity to share an encouraging word to so many of you who follow my accounts and who have reached out with concerns about what to do next.

On Friday, I hosted the virtual launch of a new media campaign Goldenmedia produced for the Government of Montserrat’s Ministry of Education. We were commissioned to produce four radio and video public service announcements, and they were written and directed by me. COVID-19 held up the project for a few months but we eventually got it done.

While these are for a government agency, there is no reason you can’t tell a story to get the message across. If your intent is to affect change then we have to be willing to meet people where they are.

The links are below. They center around a single mother learning to use positive discipline techniques with her son. Let me know what you think about them and if you believe they can help others, please share.

2 thoughts on “Recap – Trusting in Your Gifts and Telling Stories with Public Service Announcements

  1. The Positive Discipline PSAs are really good. Not only the story that they are telling but the actors are convincing and natural in their delivery so the message will connect with it’s audience. Great job everyone involved.

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