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Overcome Imposter Syndrome in Your Writing

Despite the fact that for as long as I have known myself, I knew I wanted to be a writer, I battled with Imposter Syndrome when I began sharing my work. It is the overwhelming feeling that you don’t deserve your success and you’re not as intelligent, creative or talented as you may seem to others. You feel like a fraud and counting the days until you get found out.

It hits when you are stepping outside your comfort zone and pursuing a new goal which you may feel you do not have the experience or education for. In fact, it will hit you even with two degrees and 40 years of experience. It is simply your mind’s way of protecting you from failure. The idea that you want to shift the status quo, show up more powerfully in your own life or help others achieve their goals and your mind is saying “it doesn’t take all that. You don’t know enough. What if people find out you are doing this for the first time?”

Guess what? The device you are reading this on, the clothes on your body, the shoes on your feet were once only an idea. They were created by people who were once amateurs. The world around us is built by people who had to begin, fail, and try again and again. Sorry, you don’t get to go straight to the top without any bumps and bruises. What you are feeling is normal and the best part is, you can tell your mind and your fears to HUSH UP!

You can change your mind. You can choose to retrain your brain to think of a more positive outlook on the task before you. Get excited that you get to add your voice to the choir of people singing about an issue which is dear to your heart. Consider that your way of communicating will connect with the right set of people in a way that someone else cannot.

Is there a better way to say what you want to say? I’m sure there is. But the beauty of blogging and living is that you get to learn more about yourself with every post. You can bring an update to an older post or experience and share the new knowledge. You don’t get to do updates on things you’ve never written or spoken.

This feeling of being an imposter is compounded by the lack of likes, comments or shares on your social media posts. After all, you are just beginning, only a few friends and family may know of your work. Give yourself time to build an audience. Another thing that I want you to consider is how you engage on social media. I know I tend not comment or even like many of the posts that hit close to home. I don’t want people to think that my liking this post means I am suffering or interested with the subject. Especially, if it is a sore point I have yet to overcome. So their lack of engagement on your content may not be a true reflection of the impact. At the same time, see how many people have followed through and clicked on the link to read what you wrote. However, whether they have or not, I want you to ask yourself “Would I still write if no one else was reading?” I bet you would.

The trick with writing is, the more you do it the better you become. We are all great writers in our head. It is the process of translating that through a pen or keyboard where the breakdown happens. Celebrate when you sit down to begin and when you have only written one line. Honor the one word, the sentence, the one paragraph. Choose to find the gratitude in life bestowing on you the opportunity to be included in the conversation.

Doubts are an inevitable part of every process. However, rather than seeing it as an indication you should stop, consider it a green light to reread what you have written, catch errors or add more clarity. DO NOT FIX FOREVER. Hit publish.


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