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Opportunities Are Looking for You

Call it a product of getting older but lately I’ve been doing more self evaluation. Note, evaluation not self recriminations, which used to be my modus operandi.
In reflection, I can honestly look at missed opportunities. Doors that came open but I didn’t walk through. Dream roles which fit the image I had in my mind of the life I wanted.
Now I know nothing but fear kept me from walking through. I found other people to blame why it wasn’t the right time. At one point, it was my young children who I felt would be disadvantaged.  I would say the other party wasn’t serious and so this wouldn’t work in the long run.

It didn’t matter that these were the very opportunities I’d claimed to want in my business, I turned them down.
I’ve discovered that the opportunities we crave will find us and they will come at the right time. We often say that we’re not ready but the opportunity knocking is a sign that you do have the goods. The question is will you receive them? I wasn’t at the time. Am I ready now? That is the question I have to answer each day. Am I ready to function at the elevated level I pray and work towards? What part of my life needs to come in alignment with this?
An effective way I’ve found to help me push through the fear barrier that WILL show up, is having mentors who can support me; friends to whom I can share my fears and a team who can help me make the changes necessary to grow without losing my hold on the basics.
It’s as simple as being comforted that when I travel a dear friend is caring for my children. It is knowing I have a network globally who I can tap into with questions or who are able to open a door I can’t.
Your opportunities are looking for you and they are on their way. Will you be ready to receive them?

Nerissa Golden is Media Strategist and Business Coach who helps her clients accelerate their business growth by leveraging high impact communication solutions and income generating strategies. Follow her on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. Need more personal support? Ask about joining the Lady Maverick FB Group.

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