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Not Technical Like That

“I can’t do this. I’m not very technical,” my client said frustratingly over Skype.

We were talking through her strategy for deploying social media as part of her relaunch. It was a phrase I’d heard over and over again from women. Funny I don’t hear it from the men. They usually want me to teach them how to do it so they can begin to implement right away.

But women? It usually starts with the disclaimer that they are not technical. Why do we downplay our abilities to manipulate some software, never mind we spend our days overcoming all sorts of challenges to serve our families, customers, our bosses, our community.

She had hit her wall. That one barrier that she’d already decided she couldn’t push through. She had her out. She wasn’t technical. That was allowed right? Not everyone has the same abilities and skills and there was no law which said she had to know how to post on Facebook or Twitter.

It didn’t matter that she already had all of the necessary physical tools. I’d even showed her how she could find the time to plan it out and deploy some features would allow her to set it and forget it. However, she wasn’t having that. She insisted she couldn’t doit.

Was the problem really not being technical or was it something deeper?

What is your wall? What is the thing that every time you get to it you’ve got your reasons for why you can’t get over it?

Mine used to be that I’m not good with numbers. But the truth was I didn’t want to face the story that the numbers would tell. I didn’t want to deal with my lack of commitment to implementing changes that could exponentially grow my business. I didn’t want to be disciplined about balancing my check book and accounting for where my money was spent. The solution: Ask for help. When I began to ask for the support I needed to make sense of my number story it got easier to look at them and understand my money story. It then gave me the confidence to make changes for improving.

What is your wall keeping you from?

Using social media is sending a message that you want people to know about your business. It requires work to set up and it means you are committing to consistency. You may feel that others are ahead of you so why try? But if you want to grow then you need to grow beyond the barriers you’ve created for yourself.

No matter your wall. You can break through it.

Ask yourself:

  1. What is my wall?
  2. What is the excuse or story I keep telling myself and others about why I can’t break through?
  3. What do I need to change about the way I feel about this wall?
  4. Who can help me to break through?
  5. What actions can I take right now to overcome this?

You can, as long as you include this complete blurb with it: Nerissa Golden is a media and business strategist who helps women transition from the shadows on to the main stage in life and business.

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