New Frances-Anne Solomon Film to Open TTFF ’18

PORT-OF-SPAIN, Trinidad – HERO: Inspired by The Extraordinary Life & Times of Mr. Ulric Cross will officially open the 13th edition of trinidad+tobago film festival . The screening will be part of ttff/18’s opening ceremony and gala on Tuesday 18 September at the National Academy for the Performing Arts (NAPA), Port of Spain.

Hero, directed by Frances-Anne Solomon was inspired by the life and times of Trinidadian Ulric Cross Cross whose distinguished international career as a soldier, jurist and diplomat spanned key events of the 20th Century when independent African and Caribbean nations came of age. Out of this, a new brand of Black leadership was born and post-colonial societies emerged to find their place today on the world’s stage.Photo: On set with Frances-Anne Solomon, Centre with  Nikolai Salcedo (Ulric Cross) right and Eric Kofi Abrefa (Kofi Mensah left). 

Promotional image from HERO –

According to the ttff website, “the film expertly uses archival material and dramatic reconstruction to recite a tale of opposition and triumph in this important historic chapter in Ulric Cross’ extraordinary life. It focuses on Cross’ contribution to the Pan African movement and his relationships with Tanzania’s first president Julius Nyerere and Kwame Nkrumah, Ghana’s first prime minister and president.”

Republic Bank Limited is the Title Sponsor of Hero, which was produced by Trinidad and Tobago nationals and filmed in Ghana, United Kingdom and Trinidad and Tobago.  Nikolai Salcedo conveys a mesmerizing characterizationof Ulric Cross. The cast also includes acclaimed British actor Joseph Marcell as CLR James, noted Trinidadian actor Rudolph Walker and a number of leading Ghanaian actors.

Director Frances-Anne Solomon, who also produced the film, notes that “Hero explores not just the life, but also the dynamic and transformative times that Ulric Cross was born into. Ultimately, the film is about us, who we are as Caribbean people.”

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