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Negotiate Your Next Deal with a Manager/Agent

I have a few friends who call me their manager. My kids even do it when I want them to use one of their skills and I don’t want to pay them. LOL
“I need to speak to my manager first,” they say.
Immediately, I know I can’t deal with them as if it’s mom asking a favor and as a business woman requiring a service. They also get into the habit of not saying yes, just because they want to please me or think the opportunity is awesome.
Our egos love it when someone slips in our inbox with a good opportunity that we absolutely must take and you have to decide right this minute.
Save yourself the hangover and regret.
Say “this looks like a good opportunity. I will explore it with my manager/agent/lawyer and get back to you.”
If they really want you they will wait. Don’t let your ego sign contracts you will regret later on. Using a real or fictitious manager/agent gives you some breathing room to look at the opportunity from other perspectives.

Negotiating a New Job or Deal

Don’t start work without a signed contract. You will find you get stuck doing the work and no payment comes later.
There’s room to negotiate in just about every job I’ve come across. More pay, more benefits, a different work schedule, accessing additional resources. 
While I have spent more time being an entrepreneur than working for other companies, I wish I’d known this before starting out. I know everyone is concerned about making money and securing the job but think about your future. Is there room for upward mobility? How do they deal with parents who have young children and may need to work from home or take a sick day to go to the doctor?
The first offer is very rarely the only or best offer. Ask questions.
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