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Mask Off #ShowUpShowOff

A Guadeloupe masquerader at the St. Patrick’s Festival on Montserrat in March 2018. (Nerissa Golden Photo)

Montserrat and masquerade go together. The same is true for other islands in the Caribbean who have their own version of this traditional dance. They get to wear masks and prance around and I know there are days when I wish I could do the same and come on social media.

“I’m not feeling pretty, my hair isn’t done, I’ve got nothing to wear, nothing to say.” The reasons for wanting to hide seem endless, when you don’t want to be seen. But your business is paying the price because we still prefer to do business with people we know, like and trust. I struggle with this and it is always easier to help my clients work through this and hide behind their success rather than show up myself.  We are all a work in progress.

Identify the way that feels most comfortable for you to communicate. Do you prefer to write, demonstrate (think Tasty videos), audio, doodle? Do an audit of your skills and communication preference and use it, then use it some more, until we can expect to connect with you in this form.

No more hiding! #showupshowoff

Don’t know how? Let’s have a conversation.

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