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It’s Time to Show Up and Show Off!

“You too show off!”

Did your mother ever tell you that when you were small? Or you overheard someone use that phrase or something similar to someone who was expressing their confidence and speaking about their achievements?

Growing up, it was a bad thing to brag or even to appear to be pleased with your own success as a Caribbean person. You didn’t do things like that. In a lot of ways we still practice that. I say we because I am still guilty of it. I am constantly debating with myself whether I should promote more or go sit in a corner and hope people remember me. It is a mindset we have to constantly fight against.

We also look at someone else who is promoting more and mistake their effort and confidence for bragging and arrogance.

Truth is. If I don’t let you know I am in business and the services I offer, how will you know that I am the one you need? You have to do the same thing.

Fight it. Fight that fear that is telling you to keep quiet, that it doesn’t take all of that. It does. You really do need to promote more and celebrate your success. We are attracted to success. We want to work with people who can show they have delivered before. We don’t have time or money to try someone who cannot be proven.

It is time to show up and show off! Your business is worth it. The life you want to achieve is worth it and I am going to help you show up and show off!

Over the coming weeks I am going to share blueprints on how to market you business in as many sectors that I can get to. Do you have a business and need to figure out how to market more? Drop me a line using the contact form and I will write a How-To blog post on it.

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