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It’s Time to Fix Your Money Mindset

Imagine attracting the work and experiences that make your heart light up and your bank account full? That isn’t possible with a poor money mindset.

What would it feel like to not worry about food and rent? Instead, you spend your days doing work that inspires you and supports the people who matter most.

The greatest barrier that I encounter when I teach, or coach is around money.

Do statements like who would pay me that much or they can’t afford it sound familiar?

I have discovered that a negative mindset around money isn’t limited to gender, race, age, or social status or even education.

Having spent too many years in the lands of not enough and just enough, I know it is draining on your self-confidence, your health and certainly your pocketbook. You don’t want a season of abundance. You want to live in and with an abundant mindset so no matter what life throws at you, you overcome.

On Monday, April 18 at 7PM, I will be teaching my Fix Your Money Mindset online seminar. If you know me, then you will know that I love to teach and coach live. This is a chance for me to share the techniques that have helped me improve my money game and I also get to answer your questions.

As my 49th birthday is in April, the webinars this month are all for, you guessed it, US$49.

Get more details and register for one of the limited slots here.

Nerissa Golden is the Founder and Editor of Discover Montserrat and the CEO of Goldenmedia, a media and business strategy firm. An author and speaker, she enjoys teaching and inspiring others to create businesses that thrive.

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