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IS Your Business Growing Too Quickly?

Growth in your business is a very good thing. However, it is possible to grow too quickly.

This can cause you to lose your ability to serve your customers well, which puts your business at risk as they turn to someone else who can meet their needs more efficiently.

Often entrepreneurs end up in that spot of more clients but the income doesn’t yet match and to nurture the customers you need to invest in more staff.

What to do?

Consider hiring an intern? A college or high school student who want to learn the business. They may either be free or at a minimal cost.

Check out your youth or labour department as they may have schemes where they pay the salary of unemployed people while you gain the benefit of them on your team. It could give you enough time to get your revenue up and then if they are working out, why not make them a member of your staff?

Another option is to deploy ICT solutions to manage your accounts payable and receivables, auto-responders on email, etc.
It can be difficult to see what is necessary and what is possible when you are caught up in the day to day. Remember set time aside to work ON the business and not just IN the business.
Nerissa Golden is Media Strategist and Business Coach who helps her clients accelerate their business growth by leveraging high impact communication solutions and income generating strategies. Follow her on Facebook,Instagram and Twitter. Need more personal support? Ask about joining the Lady Maverick FB Group.

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