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Five Time Hacks for Managing Your Social Media

One of the primary reasons that people tell me they don’t do social media is lack of time.

Truthfully, we can find the time for anything that is important to us. If your reason for being on social media is to find customers or to serve your current clients better, then you must make the time to reach them.

Here are five hacks for getting more out of the time you have to improve your social media visibility.

Make it a Date

Allocate a few hours on a Sunday to plan out your week. This should include your social media content. Write your blog posts, record your videos, edit your memes and graphics. Use Google Docs to quickly access your content for posting on your social.

Repurpose Old Content

You don’t need to have original content every day. In fact, hidden in old blog posts, photos from a few years ago is gold. Mine your old content to see which articles can be updated. Can an old photograph serve as an inspirational post on how have you have come? What’s old can be new again. You can also turn one blog post or webinar into multiple pieces of content. Check how here…

Schedule Posts

Use Facebook Business Suite and/or Creator Studio to schedule the content for your Facebook and Instagram. You can also create story content using Business Suite. Other apps such as Buffer and Hoot Suite can assist with posting to other social media platforms.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts

Create keyboard shortcuts to quickly post comments and access #hashtags you regularly use to speak to your audience.

Outsource It

Where you find social media a chore, a marketer will get a buzz from creating, sharing and commenting on your behalf.

Let me know in the comments what your challenges are with this or a hack that has made it easier to do more.

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