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Divorce the Emotion to Grow Your Business

Emotions I need a divorce! Does that sound harsh?

Since we’re talking about business, no it is not.

Often as women we launch businesses from places of need. And rightly so. A business that solves problems other people will pay for is what you want. However, if you plan to grow beyond that initial stage you can’t get emotional about the process.

Take a look at your bank accounts. Your banker doesn’t get emotional and say “Hmmm let’s not take the service charges this month.” They do what they always do regardless of who you are.

But every day you get up with an “I don’t feel like working today” or “Let’s paint the building pink” you are using emotions to manage a business that can’t work on impulses alone.

For every day you decide not to open is a day that a customer or potential customer is now adding you to the unreliable column. One day they will stop checking to see if you are open or not.

Just because you love the colour pink doesn’t mean that is what will attract your ideal customers into your store. Find out what colours suit your business’ image and presents the right experience you want customers to have when they walk in.

Begin to reassess how you make decisions about your business. Is it more emotion than best practices?

What does your bank account say about your spending habits? Are you sticking to your budget? Do you even have one?

What are your plans for growth? Are you willing to invest the time needed to train staff and bring in the support you need to grow the business?

How attached are you to doing everything yourself or not changing processes? Is being the only one the best use of your time? How could changing the systems you use free up more time and make you more efficient?

Looking at your business without the hazy shades of emotions and personal feelings can help you get a clear picture of how things are and what must be done to improve it. Don’t limit the potential for your business because you don’t want to face the truth.

Ask for the divorce. It is time to grow.

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