Tahirah and Gino hold Entrepreneurship Workshop with 6th form students in 2020

Caribbeanpreneurs Gino and Tahirah: Building a Digital Marketing Agency from the Rubble of a Cat 5 Hurricane

The founders of Thoughtful Digital Agency, Gino Webster and Tahirah Banks of Anguilla are featured this week in the OECS pressroom. The duo discuss how they sat in the darkness of their hurricane-ravaged apartment on Anguilla searching for a spark.

With their physical businesses devastated by the category 5 hurricane Irma, the young couple knew they needed something exciting to reignite their professional lives.

“We were in our mid to late 20s and the prospect of starting over from scratch was daunting, but we knew we had ideas for our region that, if we gave it our full attention, would be worth pursuing,” the duo reflected on the experience.

Gino Webster and Tahirah Banks
Gino Webster and Tahirah Banks -Thoughtful Digital Agency (TDA Photo)

A week later they rebranded as Thoughtful Digital Agency, a full-service Digital Marketing Agency, that today is based in Anguilla and Houston, Texas.

“We printed 15 shirts, with the first iteration of the logo, in St. Kitts because there was no power in Anguilla”, Gino (Co-Founder & CTO) reminisces. “We would charge our devices at an office in town and work from our balcony at home, with the cows and goats and construction as our background music.”

In 2020, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the team launched its Sustainable Anguilla initiative in collaboration with the OECS. On the project, Thoughtful collaborates closely with stakeholders and industry partners to provide free programming that targets technology innovation, environmental protection, and the adoption of renewable energy to the people of Anguilla.

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