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Building Your Hair Care Business #ShowUpShowOff

This is my first post in the Show Up Show Off series. I promised here to share ideas of how you can show up in your sector so that you can see the growth you desire.

I intentionally used the words hair care rather than hair salon. You are in the business of caring for your clients’ hair. That to me means a lot more than getting them in your salon chair but also what happens with their hair in between visits.

Like the rest of us, you only have 24 hours in a day. Some of those hours are spent sleeping, caring for a child or parent, or you may have another job. Often when a business is only part-time entrepreneurs set part-time prices. Set the prices for your salon based on what you would charge if you were working full-time. If hair care is your primary income source, now is a good time to review your prices.

Marketing is more than putting up some social media ads or a radio commercial. It is about the entire experience that you want each and every client to have when they connect with your brand.

Get Certified

Everybody and their cousin can do hair right? Wrong. It is a skill which can be learnt. Being certified can help to instill confidence in your clients. You want them to know you have done the work to serve them effectively.

Identify who your Ideal Client is

Is it a woman in a corporate role who needs to look the part all the time? Is it a teenager who wants to be always on trend? Do you serve women, children or men with hair challenges such as alopecia or allergic to branded hair products, or struggling with hair growth?

Before you even begin to work on their hair, have a conversation to understand what their life is like. Do they invest time to care for their hair at home or do they believe that is your job? While you can probably work some magic to make them look their best, it becomes easier if they have a hair care regimen in between visits.

Knowing who your ideal client is will allow you to design the service you will deliver and craft your marketing plan so that it speaks to them every time. Again, this is more than a flyer but how you make them feel at every step of the process.

Design a Message that Speaks to Your Ideal Client

No, you cannot serve everyone. What sets you apart in the marketplace? What problem do you solve for them every time they walk into your shop? What is it that consistently makes your clients leave feeling like a new person and willing to evangelize about your awesome service every time? Figure out what that is and promote the heck out of it.

Invest Time and Money in Your Look

Your logo, your social media content, the appearance of your salon are all important aspects of your brand message. Don’t drop the ball with fantastic Instagram images and then your salon looks like a dungeon. Imagine how you want to feel walking into a salon after a long day and create that atmosphere for your clients. Even if you don’t have a lot of space, it could be hanging a beautiful painting (you created yourself or with a child with bright abstract colors), changing the curtains to something which helps the room feel bigger and lighter. Maybe it is keeping your workspace organised so that the chaos on their head and in their mind isn’t reflected in the room.

Follow Up

Don’t let a client leave without getting their contact details. Get their permission to communicate with them in between visits. Create double-sided appointment cards. One side should have your contact info and the other, the date for their next appointment. A few days before their scheduled appointment, send them a message to remind them that they are due for a treatment or wash, etc.. At that time they can let you know if they want to reschedule or will be there. Look for virtual versions of this if you prefer not to be filing paper.

You can use Facebook Groups, Facebook or Instagram Business, WhatsApp or other services to regularly connect with your clients. You can use these forums to post general hair care tips to help them make more informed decisions and improve their hair care regimen.

Go the Extra Mile

Send a virtual greeting card for a birthday or other celebrations. You want them to think about your business for every day needs as well as special occasions.

Offer More

As I said earlier you can’t work 24/7. There needs to be a way for you to earn additional income while you sleep and/or what you do daily must have a multiplier effect.

Consider the ideal client mentioned earlier with allergies to other market brands. Could you create an all-natural product which they can use in between visits? Not only do they pay for your service but now they have a product to use which can support caring for their hair daily.

Think about what other services you can offer to increase your revenue potential even when the closed sign is turned. As much as possible, they should all align with the business so you are constantly reinforcing the message that you are a hair care expert.

Be Consistent. Teach, Promote, Celebrate.

There are social media tools you can use to help you schedule your content so you don’t have to interrupt your work on a client’s hair to post on Instagram throughout the day. You cannot quit just because no one engaged with your content on day one or day 21. Stick with it. I suggest going all in and posting your content daily and for at least six months.

Every post should not say come to my salon. Mix it up. Teach your clients something about their hair, promote an offer or remind people you are the best, celebrate your own success and that of a client or colleague who has had a major achievement.


You probably know more about what is happening in a client’s life than their priest. While they may be pouring their pain out in your chair also pay attention to what they say, which could lead you to new offers you can create or other opportunities opening up to grow your business. Check in with them about how they are feeling about their hair journey and the services you offer.


You can always learn more. Stay up on trends in your industry. Search the internet for more How-To blogs on running your business.

Every strategy does not require money. Some only need time and effort for you to see results. Believe that you are worth it and your business is the right one to serve. Be brave enough to Show Up for yourself and your family. Show Off your awesomeness.

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