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Are You Posting for Love or Likes?

On a recent webinar a participant expressed concern that her content was not getting as much engagement as pre-crisis although she had adopted a less salesly approach.

After offering some suggestions and encouragement to keep posting I said “remember Chronixx said to Do it for the Love not the Likes”. Everyone seemed to think it was a tweetable and it is one of those quotes you wish you’d come up with first but it is truth.

Platforms such as Instagram have been testing the removal of like numbers in some countries to discourage posting for likes and the concern that lack of likes is resulting in loss of self-esteem and affecting the mental health of young people. How Removing Likes From Instagram Could Affect Our Mental Health

Then there is the added pressure of wanting to create viral posts and experts selling programs on how to do that. But truly your desire should be to create and share value posts. There are moments when the right words, image and audience come together and create a viral post but what happens when you can’t recapture that moment?

Don’t stop posting.

A student from one of my social media workshops reached out and said, “I’ve been doing what you said for six months but I’m not getting convergence on this new product”. I told her to keep posting although she had remained consistent for six months. The six months is not to quit what you are doing or give up on the product. Now you have six months of data to evaluate and tweak.

She had uptake on one product/service but not the next. I asked her to evaluate the following:

– Was the ideal customer for each product the same? If not, the customer for the new product may require a different platform and approach. Direct emails or an inbox offer versus hoping they are seeing what is posted on your feed.

– Was she passionate about the new product and did the lack of response mean she would also stop practicing the same habits she was promoting? She said no and that meant she needed to be committed to sharing the value of her product despite the lack of likes.

– Was she willing to evangelize on a more personal level about the value of the service she was offering? We support people we believe in. Let’s see your journey with the product or service. Practice what your preach with visuals, audio and video.

Do not take your audience’s lack of engagement in your content as a personal failure. Continue to create content that reflects your passion for the product or service. Evaluate who your ideal customer is and how they are engaging with content elsewhere and adapt accordingly.

UPDATE – I had to share this comment from Ana Elliott of Sugar Town Organics in St. Kitts after she saw this post on LinkedIn. “True. I’ve found that not having a lot of likes isn’t really an indication of whether people like something or not especially in our society. I don’t always feel I get a lot of likes on some post but then I’d go restock the store in town and find the product sold out so I’ve learned not to use Instagram as my only measuring stick so to speak.”

I love her Yaphene hair and body care line so check their Instagram here.

Here’s a bit of encouragement to keep creating and posting content for love not likes. Have a specific challenge or concern about content creation? Get in touch.

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