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A Recipe for Business Growth

JohnnycakesSo I am old school enough that I cook from my memory. A bit of this and some of that. Who needs a recipe?

This was what I saw my mom do growing up when she was making Johnny Cakes (a tasty dish made with flour and fried). However, when I went off to college and wanted to make it I didn’t have a recipe to use as a guide and so I never made it. This was before the internet was the cooking resource it now is.

Later after having children, I had to use trial and error to figure out what worked for me. After trying Johnny Cakes from many different territories I realised I wanted mine to taste differently than my mom’s.

My children love my Johnny Cakes but we have a problem. When they want to make it I need to be in the room or accessible to tell them what to do. This isn’t always possible. It also means they will have to figure out the measurements when they go off to school and want to make my version of this fried bread.

Just as this isn’t an efficient way of running your home it is the same in your business. If you plan to grow your business then there needs to be systems and policies that your staff can reference to be able to deliver the same level of service and quality you would.

Here are three actions you will need to take in order to grow your business this year.

Identify your Secret Sauce

What makes Coca Cola coke? What makes KFC chicken taste so good?

Why do your customers come to you and not another company?

Knowing what makes you stand out. Knowing what your secret sauce is, will help you to formulate a way to replicate it

Write it Down

If you intend to be a one-person operation for the rest of your life then skip this step. But if you know that you want your company to outlast you and become a legacy for your children, then you need to write down what your secret sauce is and how you go about making it for each client.

Develop handbooks for dealing with customers, for hiring and firing employees. Set up your operation so if you were ill an employee could continue to deliver service without a customer knowing you weren’t at the helm.

Implement then Tweak

I’ve found my Johnny Cakes come out differently based on the baking powder I use. Different brands produce different results. Doesn’t come out great at all if I am mad or stressed. :-/ As you implement your business process, be open to tweaking it as you go. Some things may be lost in translation to staff. You may have been giving over and above to clients and this may not be efficient or financially beneficial for every employee to do. Pay attention to what is happening and adjust as you go alone.

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